We Build Consumer Loyalty and Trust

Loan transparency increases loan volume, loan retention and closed loans by fostering loyalty and trust by reducing levels of customer anxiety and apprehension.

Talkuments gives consumers what surveys say they want: interactive loan information. Talkuments strengthens confidence in the consumer’s choice of lender, leading to more loan originations and more closed loans. Sent by lenders to loan applicants, Talkuments is available throughout the entire loan cycle. As loan data changes, so does Talkuments.

We Reduce Consumer Complaints, Legal & Regulatory

Integrating Talkuments into your compliance management systems can help increase compliance and efficiency, and avoid costs associated with lawsuits, audits, excess regulation and enforcement - collectively saving thousands of dollars.

Interactive consumer education is the market solution to multiple consumer protection laws and regulations. For the first time, management can directly communicate with every loan applicant – insuring the conveyance of required data and information. Embedded tracking software, consumer knowledge questions and consumer attestations supplement established compliance tools.

We Boost Process Transparency and Employee Productivity

Our objective is to develop the intellectual capacity to mirror your employee’s resources.

Talkuments saves time and increases lender’s employee productivity by reducing the redundant process of explain and re-explaining loan terms, costs and loan features. Talkuments explains everything in a fun interactive way using easy to understand language.

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