Complete Your Digital Loan Experience

A digital loan transaction should be easy, transparent, and meaningful.

Empower your borrowers with interactive loan information throughout the lifecycle of the loan, and strengthen their confidence in you. As loan data changes, so does Talk'uments.

Address Changing Demographics

In order to succeed, lenders should reflect the nation’s increasingly diverse population. Providing multilingual loan information is vital.

”By 2035, 85% of household formations will be created by minorities.” Harvard Joint Center for Housing

“Although Hispanics make up 18% of our population, the group accounted for more than 63% of homeownership growth over the past decade.” Wall Street Journal, August 2019

Reduce Consumer Complaints as well as Legal and Regulatory Exposure

"If all loan applications had a Talk'uments file, our job would be done.” CFPB Policy Analyst, 2017

Talk'uments is a unique fair lending enterprise solution and the only technology solution for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) laws. Integrating Talk'uments will help you avoid costs associated with lawsuits, audits, excess regulations and enforcement.